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health access
accelerator fund

Recognising that financial barriers regularly prevent timely and necessary medical attention from being accessed, this fund aims to bridge the gap, providing financial assistance to health care services for all, regardless of age or economic status.


Applications for the 2024 accelerator fund are not currently open – please join our newsletter for further updates.

Our key objectives 

 Health care financial assistance

Allowing individuals experiencing financial hardship to access health care services without delay.

Promote preventive care

Removing financial barriers to foster proactive and preventive health and wellbeing approaches within the community.

Community awareness  & outreach

Through community programmes, we plan to raise awareness of the funds availability and eligibility criteria

Emergency health situations

Providing financial assistance to individuals facing emergency health situations, allowing them to access timely care without worry.

Accelerate medical appointments

Facilitating faster access to appointments, specialists and treatments by providing financial support.

Collaboration with healthcare providers:

By partnering with local healthcare providers, we plan to streamline access to health care services and the required fund’s.

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